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Photography Courses in Guwahati

Are you looking for Photography courses in Guwahati, then you are in the right place. Good photography is the perfect balance of art and techniques. Learn how to click professional photographs from Unique Borah himself, along with personal mentorship. Our teaching method is special and covers all the important things needed in order to be a successful photographer.

Best Photography Institute in Guwahati

You will get many photography institutes in Guwahati, but getting an institute that teaches not only clicking of mare images but capturing the emotions with the camera is less. Unique Borah not only gives basic photography lessons but practical classes are also provided, Unique Borah is famous for its photography institute in Guwahati. You will not just learn to handle your DSLR but also learn various lighting techniques and ways to use lighting equipment. Most importantly, you will learn how to handle critical light issues with a basic DSLR. You do not need to purchase a very high-end camera for this course.

You’ll start from scratch but reach to the top, that’s our promise,  almost everything  which is needed to succeed as a photographer in Guwahati is provided by us.  The best part about this course is that it is beginner-friendly,  only basic equipment is required from the student’s side, and can be done in Guwahati itself. This is a great opportunity for all who wish to learn photography but are not able to travel to bigger cities due to various reasons.

Information about our Photography Classes

Our classes are known to be one of the best photography classes in Guwahati and you will undoubtedly get benefit from us.

The following are the topics we will be covering in our sessions

  1. DSLR Basics, Features of a DSLR and basic camera, lens and accessory handling.
  2. Setting up studio lighting and using the setup properly.
  3. Clicking photographs in outdoor lighting and adjusting to natural light.
  4. Types of lights and effects
  5. Using light modifiers in a proper way
  6. Various other lighting techniques

Students can also look forward to personal mentorship from Unique Borah. We can guarantee you full satisfaction and assure you can emerge as a better photographer after you have completed this course.

Total Course Fee Rs. 25,000

(3 Easy Installment)
Admission fees Rs.10,000
Rs.5000 to be paid on first day of class
Remaining Rs.10,000 to be paid on 30th day of class start.

>Duration: 2.5 months Theory ( need to attend each class)
>Students will be under Guidance till next 6 months and they will be called up for few
assignments with Fashion Photographer Unique Borah
>Certificate will be provided after a year of course completion

For more information, please contact

+91 7777 887 555
+91 887 6490 887